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08-Dec-2017 22:04

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“Growing Up Hip Hop’s” Angela Simmons just gave birth to her baby son last week, but that’s not the only big news she’s celebrating. Joseph Simmons has also married her child’s father, Sutton Tennyson, according to Cymphonique Miller, the sister of rapper/reality star Romeo Miller, who Angela once dated. “With the whole Angela thing, it was just that he (Romeo) wasn’t the first to know that she had gotten married, and he felt some type of way about that,” Cymphonique told BOSSIP.

“And I was just wondering, how close were you guys?

“I think it’s pretty cool that even after they stopped dating they still remained friends,” the singer, who was promoting “Growing Up Hip Hop’s” new season, said of Romeo and Angela’s relationship.

“I was wondering if there was something else there. ” Singer Cymphonique, the daughter of Master P added: “It was a surprise, but we’re happy for her.

However, he sought tuition and improved his skills to regain eligibility.

When he became eligible, he played for the University’s team leading the team to the Final Tour which was the college’s first appearance after winning 1977 national Championship.

When Dwyane was 8 years old, his older sister tricked him to go watch movies into living with their father and step mother.

He and his older sister then began to live with their father.

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I know from experience with my daughter that it can get hard, but I was just being a big sister and being like ‘hey don’t forget about me over here.’ I need my sister, so that’s what that was.I think I was being a little overly sensitive.” Still, according to Simmons, nothing quite tops the “sisterly bond” they shared before motherhood — when they worked side-by-side on their Pastry sneaker line.“We were always together and we even lived together,” said Simmons. It’s like a whole new chapter for us essentially.” The good news? He has been associated with Miami Heat ever since leading the team to win NBA Championship for three times.

His contribution to set the pride of Miami Heat is praise worthy.He was named to All-American First Team by Associated Press.

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