Updating your proforms review

18-Nov-2017 19:48

[email protected](USA)While the occurrence of long-term refractive surgery induced complications can be devastating for those who are affected, an informed patient can take many steps that will reduce the possibility of problems from LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and other forms of surgery to reduce the need for contacts or spectacles.

An important point is what the patient requires to be satisfied.

The problems include double vision and a number of other distortions as a result of which I cannot drive, cannot read signs past about 10ft and struggle with reading, among other things.

My new vision is not correctable with spectacles nor with soft contact lenses.

Depending upon your individual circumstances, that risk may be acceptable or too great.

Our organization believes success can most likely be found with the combination of an informed patient and an excellent surgeon.

Please, think very, very, carefully about how much you risk when you risk your two precious eyes to such an operation.I have spent over (US) per month, every month, for more than two years just trying to restore some health to my damaged eyes.And although my pupils were measured as relatively small and my degree of nearsightedness was considered moderate, my post-Lasik night vision problems make driving a difficult challenge (starbursts at night, like the ones depicted emanating from car headlights in the above article).Our website contains hundreds of pages of objective factual information about refractive surgery.

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We also provide a list of 50 Tough Questions For Your Doctor that will help a patient screen their potential surgeon.In my case, dry eye has caused painful corneal erosions and fluctuating vision.

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