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Charlotte, Jasper, and Piper find a cotton candy machine in Junk-N-Stuff and start making cotton candy.Phoebe joins the "cool" group for a class project, only to find that they do not want to work as hard as she does.Throughout the site I hope you will enjoy a host of video footage & blog material from some of our most recent Time Team episodes as well as the opportunity to revisit some of our favourite masterclasses from Mick Aston , Phil Harding and our other experts.Should you wish to become more involved with the site, why not join the Time Team Digital members club.

Zeta steals Shimmer, Shine, and Leah’s wishing star, and they must get it back before Zeta makes a wish. But when Zeta gets her hands on it, the kids must find a way to get it back.

All the Dustbins on Henry's street have been put out for the Dustbin Man to pick up but it's his day off!