Sex in camping

30-Jun-2017 02:50

The renewed focus on a replacement tent camp also revives attention to Book’s unusual role at the center of both issues: a volunteer board chairman who serves as the county’s de facto homeless director, and a top crusader for Miami-Dade cracking down on the same sexual offenders left homeless by the residency rules he helped enact.One of the most powerful lobbyists in both Miami-Dade and the state of Florida, his position landed him at the center of the Julia Tuttle controversy, with some tent residents naming the encampment Bookville.Miami-Dade is taking action against a homeless encampment of sexual offenders.Homeless Trust workers alongside city employees and police officers talk to the residents of the makeshift, homeless camp near Hialeah about finding them places to live that don't conflict with county rules on how close offenders can be to schools and parks.Homeless Trust workers alongside city employees and police officers, canvased the tents Monday night, August 21, 2017, to talk to their occupants about finding them places to live that don't conflict with county rules on how close offenders can be to schools and parks.Book said that about 270 offenders are registered as living in the tent village outside Hialeah, sitting on either side of the 3500 block of Northwest 71st Street.Book’s daughter, Lauren Book, was the victim of sex abuse at the hands of the family’s nanny, and the experience propelled both Books into becoming advocates for tougher penalties for sex crimes against minors.

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That day, commissioners not only voted to pass the legislation but also renamed it the Lauren Book Child Safety Ordinance.

They want to blame the laws and the residency restrictions.” Gail Colletta, leader of an advocacy group pushing for changes in Florida’s residency requirements, said Miami-Dade captures the political hysteria over paroled offenders.

Because most victims of childhood sexual abuse know their abusers, Colletta argued that the extreme measures governments take to keep offenders away from schools and parks don’t prevent crime but do lead to inhumane conditions like tent cities.

“This has got to close,” said Ronald Book, the powerful head of Miami-Dade’s homeless board who has also lobbied for the county’s tough residency restrictions on sex offenders.

“The complaints have continued to grow and grow and grow.” The encampment, in the area for about three years, stands as the latest replacement for the one under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami that brought global attention to the county’s restrictions on homeless sexual offenders.There is no electricity, running water or bathroom facilities, leading to complaints of human waste being tossed roadside and around the warehouses whose fences front the tents.