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Initial registration on the site can be accomplished in a little under 60 seconds, you certainly don’t need to be highly qualified to understand the form shown below. And until the test is completed, you are unable to really do anything on the site.

If I prefer the picture with the straight lines than the circled lines, what does this say about me?

It's sometimes useful to be able to store incomplete dates, for example when all you know of someone's birthdate is the year or the month and day.date_parse() handles (and My SQL accepts) dates containing zero-value elements such as "2017-00-00" and "0000-03-29", leaving it up to the parent application to determine when to require and how to handle missing date elements.

date_parse() correctly reports zero values for zero-value date elements, reports an 'invalid date' warning, and does not report an error.

With the age group 25 to 50 being the most popular and active.


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Members here are primarily seeking a serious relationship, there are very few people looking for casual encounters or friendship.We didn't find twitter account associated with this website ( This might simply mean that the twitter account for not in our database.