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You’re here now.” I said as I put my arms around him and gave him a soft kiss.“Mmmm. He pushed me back against the wall of the elevator and rocked his hips against me. I shrugged my shoulders so my erect nipples weren’t as visible through my blouse. The elevator stopped at our floor and we headed to the room. Soon our lips were apart and our tongues greeted one another’s.I’ve been thinking about that kiss on my drive over here.”“I hope all good thoughts.”“Very good thoughts.” He said smiling. Tony moved away as an older couple entered the elevator. As Tony opened the door I wondered if he would be as gentlemanly in person as he was while chatting. I began once again to move my hips slowly and grind my anxious mound against his ever growing cock.I lay there now in front of this man I barely knew in just my soaking wet panties. As I tried to rock my hips into his hand, he gently pushed me back onto the bed. He was driving me completely wild with his teasing ways. I wanted his lips on my pulsating pussy.“Mmmmm.”When his lips first touched my moist outer labia, I thought I would jump off the bed.I lay back and felt him sliding my wet panties off of me. Soon I began to warm as he began kissing my inner thighs just above the knee. With each exchange of kisses between legs he would move farther up. His teasing had me so aroused that any touch felt would set off another orgasm. This time I could feel my juices flowing out of me and down the crack of my ass. Tony licked slowly from the bottom of my cum drenched lips to the top.That feels incredible,” I said, almost unable to breathe. After several minutes of teasing me with his whisper like kisses on each nipple, his lips parted and surrounded them. I knew it was a prelude of what he was going to do to my pussy.He then slid his lips over my nipple barely touching them. I came again.“Now, don’t move your hands,” he whispered, as he slid my skirt off of me. My baby’s nice and wet.”He rubbed my pouty moist lips through my panties. Gently he rubbed his entire hand over my soaking pussy.

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My body tingled again.“Your breasts are magnificent.”“Stop talking about them and suck my nipples,” I thought as my body shook with anticipation.

The more I thought about what was about to happen, the more aroused I became.

Yea, that second glass of wine was working just fine. That wasn’t his real name but the one I had learned to know him by. It was a site dedicated to writers and readers of short erotic stories and poems.

As we kissed he pushed my jacket over my shoulders and it fell to the floor. They were very sensitive and this aroused me even more. I could see the hunger in his eyes as he gazed at me.

It made my body tremble to have him look at me that way.

I’m sure we’ve all had these inner battles between our ‘good’ self and our ‘bad’ self so you know what I am referring to.