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09-Jul-2017 22:31

We are accepting capture gameplay footage from all members of this group.

Here are the minimum requirements for submissions: If you have clips that are recorded on the Xbox versions of default maps, hold onto them!

UPDATE 16/5/14 8.30am Bungie has released its patch notes for the upcoming Halo PC and Custom Edition update, which will move the soon-to-be-shutdown Game Spy services to a non-Game Spy server.

An added bonus will be CD key authentication support - to allow griefers to be banned effectively.

once i think i understand enough, i'll move on to Crossfire, Co D, NFS World or Combat Arms I'm an old modder for Halo and CE, I'll definitely put up some awesome tutorials for animation and modeling, what do you have in mind?

I might be able to set up a dedicated server in the late future as well for us to test whatever on.

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Here are some guidelines that will improve your chances of making the final cut: Your in-game name will be displayed alongside your control scheme at the bottom of the clip. PM your submissions to me directly (in Discord), and ask your questions in the #halo_pc_general channel (or in this thread).Outside of the occasional "some guy is eating bullets like they're a fucking bullet black hole" moments (which happens on any version of the game outside of LAN), 98% of the time it was great, and it feels like the game it should have been in 2003.

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