Desert camp sex

23-Jul-2017 00:43

© Justin Fraser With over 48,000 short-term residents, Black Rock City is the largest temporary city in the world—that week anyway—and it also qualifies for eight days as Nevada's fourth largest city.

Since clothing is optional, Burning Man has gained a reputation for debauchery.

The theme camps of Burning Man are where things really get wild.

All theme camps are private so the cops cannot bust in, and all feature free, open wet bars. Stop by the Libido Lounge for their annual "Fig Leaf Party," universally known as a great swinger sex party, as is the "Triple-X Prom Night." And yes, the punch is always spiked.

But don't be fooled, like any city of this size law enforcement officials will tell you that excessive drinking, drug use, and public sex acts are all considered crimes.

While random hookups are not illegal, the cops are lurking and more than willing to uphold the law.

A nudist Burner tribe still hangs out there on sunny days.

Participants break out their special Burner clothes that they would never normally wear anywhere else, or they can simply wear nothing at all. When it gets to be over 100 degrees by day it is almost uncomfortable to wear anything at all.

Most nights are warm enough to wear a g-string bikini or sexy lingerie.

Many have open bars, music blaring, and even multi-level dance floors.

Many of the more elaborate art cars have stripper poles built into their dance floors.

When National Park police shut down the annual solstice bonfire on the forth year, Harvey and his friends moved the event from the beach to the desert.