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15-Aug-2017 14:55

Mandylor will make his debut on the show during its fifth season, which begins with its 100th episode March 6.

The news comes shortly after new photos from the fairytale series' centennial episode were released, showing the team consisting of Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla), Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore), and Mr.

[Note: There were clear parallels between the insect world and the Alabaster family - Lady Alabaster was the Ant Queen, while her children were her larval offspring.]The story's revelation by the conclusion involved the dark, hidden, and shocking sexually-transgressive secret of incest (an anagram of insect!

) between deceitful Eugenia and her perverted brother Edgar, who was also promiscuous with young female servants.

Regina will come face-to-face with her late mother, Cora, in a warm reunion; Mr.

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During the episode, Entertainment Weekly reports a theme of unfinished business between the living and the dead.

Director/co-scripter Philip Haas' controversial, visually-striking costume drama, an adaptation of A. Byatt's novella titled Morpho Eugenia, was set in Victorian England.

The film was the first to be slapped with an NC-17 rating (later released unrated or R) for one brief scene of male genital nudity (with a semi-erection).

While Beyoncé certainly adds heat to any film, it should be noted that she looks about as much like Etta James as we do.

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William left to return to the Amazon, accompanied by Matty.