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It seems my presence at the base hospital was causing quite a problem.Apparently, all of them had also showered and shaved (I guess) and were wearing the most attractive or flattering clothing they had with them. I could describe each of them individually, but this is a short story. The tension that had been building unnoticed disappeared. "Second, you are probably also aware that Gertie is no longer with us. Or maybe it was being in the middle of all that young stuff. I broke my stare when I felt a tugging on my pants leg. Her big brown eyes looked up at mine and she batted her eyelids in a most seductive manner. I began small talk with the whole table, letting them fill me in on the rules, the schedules, what they liked, etc. They didn't have name tags, but I remembered most of their names by the end of dinner. These girls have been up here two weeks without their boyfriends. " I almost grabbed her then and there and tossed her on the bed. " I asked her quietly She nodded her head ' Yes.' "Do you need to get some rest or will it be OK to release you? " I slept in the next room and I think she knew it. Janet finally came over to rescue me, claiming a 'meeting' I had to get to. Until I adjusted my pants leg, my Ol' John Henry was a good two inches out in the open. The remainder of the evening I spent unpacking my kit and finishing straightening up in the clinic. Like clockwork I could see the lights across the way blink out. Mine soon followed and I crawled in bed for what I hoped would be a long peaceful sleep. Within 30 minutes I heard the door to my room being quietly pushed open. You filled me all the way u-u-u-uu-u-u" Little miss nasty collapsed on my chest. I thought about how ridiculous it would look if there were a line outside my door.

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A flush rose up her neck and spread over her cheeks. She winked at Miss Crandell and ran back to the dining hall. But even after what must have been twenty orgasms on my cock, I had yet to spill my seed. And each one ended with a kiss and a whispered "Thank you, Mr. But the last visitor was the most memorable of them all. She groaned deep in her throat and began to rotate her hips again.She gasped audibly in an OH-OH-OH manner, and then slumped down in her chair with a queer smile on her face. I could find nothing but a state of extreme relaxation and wet spot between her legs that I blamed on the spilled water. These cunts were so primed that they only took 5 or so minutes to get off, the 3 to cool down and then gone. It was a bit longer between visits and I was actually asleep when I awoke to a hot mouth on my cum-coated cock. Then she raised herself up and leaned over me, propping herself up on my chest with her hands, letting her boobs sway as she rode my prick like a pro.