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In 2008, in true necromantic fashion, his dead body was dug up and made into a shrine inside a glass coffin.

His body was partially reconstructed with a life-like silicone mask and preserved in a large, temperature-controlled glass reliquary so the faithful could view it.

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This activity is absolutely forbidden in the Bible, and had much in common with cultic Mormon rituals and ceremonies for the dead. There are thousands of “Padre Pio Prayer Groups” around the world.

Padre Pio was dogged during his life and even after his death by allegations that he was a fake but Church investigators cleared him each time.

K-TV (Cephas-TV) operating since 1999, is a Roman Catholic embossed television station. It broadcasts lectures and documentaries which primarily deal with the search for the meaning of life and answers for the Catholic Church.

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We were not directed to pray to these saints but to ask for their intervention, which I realized later is totally unbiblical. He was already surrounded by miraculous events when he was alive, but he asked that all should worship only Jesus. You are looking at what the Vatican Whore of Babylon loves to do best, deceive people.Starting today, the corpse of Catholic shaman Padre Pio will lie in a glass coffin, and over 1 million people will file past to lean over the coffin to pray to him, venerate him, which is simply another way to say worship him.She is like she lost a family member, and she is PRAYING TO HIM for guidance and help with her life.

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All of this fostered, sanctioned and encouraged by Pope Francis and all levels of Vatican authority.As a general rule, Mass on Sunday evening will not be a vigil Mass for the solemnity occurring on the next day, Monday. *Note: This circular is for the Archdiocese of Manila only.